Gala Unlimited is a boutique experiential marketing and staffing agency specializing in activations for the food, beverage, and sports industries in California and Las Vegas.

Our experience in sales, marketing, talent management, and production has inspired our mission to enhance and diversify your event experiences. We first seek to understand your target market, their wants and needs, and how that matches with your brand's core values to create a lasting relationship. From there we strategize digital and experiential campaigns, sampling programs, sponsorship partners, PR pieces, and other essential marketing functions that make your product stand out in this rapidly growing field.

We take strong pride in providing attractive, engaging but most importantly knowledgeable staff that directly fit your brand identity. Based in Southern California, we have access to the most up to date event trends and the best talent pool in the industry. Our West Coast influence paired with our above and beyond dedication to client satisfaction has been the driving factor in our success.