Let us guess, you've been shopping agencies who 'build winning strategies' that 'drive brand awareness' with the 'best brand ambassadors in creating memorable experiences'. Were we close? Look we're not saying we don't do these things, I mean that's expected we're all marketers. Ok so why are we so great. We're not, we're Gala. We understand our specialized industries, the West Coast market, and your passion for your brand. Remember we're entrepreneurs too, our companies grow up so fast don't they! (cue graduation tears).

Business professionals go to Harvard, military leaders go to West Point, so where do you send your beverage or cannabis brand to build its identity in a marketplace that helps them stand out over their competition? Congratulations, they've been accepted to Gala U! 

Our curriculum is intense, we don't accept just any brand. Transcripts turn into case studies, recommendation letters turn into testimonials, admissions interview turn into sampling programs, campus tours turn into eye-catching experiences, SAT prep turns into product trainings where the scores turn into a broken down ROI analysis that answers the most important question; what's working? Don't let the beaming smiles and deep knowledge of distillation or cannabidiol benefits fool you; we love talking numbers.

Based in Southern California, our prime market gives us access to the most diverse talent pool and up to date industry trends. As the saying goes the West Coast is the Best Coast, so let us activate your brands in the nation's leading market for Food & BeverageCannabis, and Leisure Sports.