#UnlimitedTuesdays: Our Twist on Making Hot Tottys

We're very excited for our first blog post for #UnlimitedTuesdays! This week we're getting ready for the upcoming 'cuffin season' and making a different variation to the 'Hot Totty' cocktail. Below are the ingredients to create these perfect Fall drinks 


#GaladatedCocktail |THE TEQUILA TOTTY|

-2oz Tequila (Our preferrence is Resposado @HerraduraTeq)

-Dash of Angostura Bitters

-Squeeze of a lime wedge 

-Mix 1/2oz of organic agave with a little bit of hot water to make a syrup type mixture, pour into glass 

-Add 1oz hot water and stir 

-Garnish with a cinnamon stick and orange peel twist


-4oz of Hot water boiled with a dime size peeled ginger chunk 

-Tea bag (Earl Grey or English Tea) 

-1 tablespoon of organic pure honey 

-2 1/2 oz of  Orange Clove Infuse Vodka

-Remove Tea bag and place lemon wheel to float 

-Top with a few dashes of Cinnamon


Thank you to Toca Madera's awesome bartender @ashrenae for showing us her version made with tequila. Thank you also to the worlds best flavored vodka (@www.infusevodkas.com) for allowing us use their orange clove flavor for our chosen variation, on sale at all Gelsons Supermarkets and Northern California WholeFoods!