#UnlimitedTuesdays: How To Throw An Awesome Corporate Party

Uuuuugh, great.

Unfortunately that's the usual thought that comes to you after your job announces the "super important networking" party that you must attend coming up. Lets be honest you probably are not always head over heels about your job while you're at it, let alone want to spend more time with your peers outside of the normal work hours. Corporate parties are known be pretty stiff as well; mundane location, held back conversations, no entertainment except maybe that 'guess who you are' ice breaker game, and if you're lucky maybe some alcohol (usually limited to beer and wine), Jack Donaghy knows.

Lucky for you based on you reading this article you are now familiar with Gala Unlimited! We are an event hosting agency based in Southern California specializing in promotional marketing, full bartending, atmosphere hosting, and nightlife concierge services. We've hosted and created some cool parties throughout the years, and want to share our insights into what makes an awesome event that you and your employees will remember. You excited Adam! 

There are 3 main elements to creating an awesome corporate party; theme, location, and entertainment. Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Berkadia, one of the nation's leading commercial real estate firms, RealShare Pre-Conference party and we can tell you they covered the basis when it comes to differentiating themselves from the rest. 


Not only can you dress up, but themes allow you get fun and creative when it comes to activities for your party. Get even more specific to your typical themes such as an '80s party', and make it an '80s action movie' theme. Look at nationaldaycalendar.com(everyday is some sort of national blah blah day) and see how you can build on making activities around that. Berkadia chose a 'Back To The Future' theme ironically held on the day Marty McFly went into the future, now that's creative. We made sure to dress according to theme, however since you're technically in the 'future', we thought we'd give it a futuristic space cadet look. Sorry Marty no hover boards yet though.


Just like with any business, the same factor goes for throwing a party: location, location, location! Make sure its somewhere interactive, I think we've seen enough of that hotel conference room. Not only should the venue be entertaining, but the city location as well to give your employees the option to explore around. If your company doesn't have the budget to fly your employees to a destination, a Dave and Busters, suite at a sports game, rooftop overlooking an amazing view, a resort in your nearest mountains, or as Berkadia chose the private room at upscale bowling alley Lucky Strike in Downtown LA. Not only can you bowl, but there are pool tables, cornhole, and of course the surrounding nightlife venues of America's 2nd largest city. The ambiance says a lot about the message you're trying to convey to your employees, and at these types of locations it means HAVE FUN! 


You've got a creative theme, a perfect location, now what? Now comes the part where Gala Unlimited is needed. We love pictures, as does the rest of the world, so no party is complete without a photo-booth. We prefer an open one so multiple employees can take pictures, and of course make sure there are props! Prizes and/or give-a-ways should be factored into the budget, nothing says we appreciate you more than gifts. Have at least 1 or 2 valuable grand prizes, it can be something such as a full treatment at a spa, to modern devices like an Apple Watch, but make it good to encourage everyone to participate in the games.

The bar is important, a full bar is the preferred but if you worry about your employees getting a little too crazy than beer and wine are just fine, but no party (especially a work party) should be dry. You all are adults and if you're professional you'll know how to handle yourself. Even create a signature drink for the night to save on having to purchase liquor from a full bar package, another specialty that our Bartenders love to do.

Lastly you need good hosts, Gala Girls in this case to be exact. Guys always love to see girls at a party, you cant help but want to have a good time with beautiful people around you. We greet your guests, pass out prizes, encourage them to enter their cards for raffles, mingle to loosen the atmosphere, and of overall make sure that you and your guests have a great time.

FullSizeRender (33).jpg

Overall the solution to making any corporate  party great is that it has to be memorable, fun, and keep your employees enthused about their job. Take the time to show them you care about their work life balance, and of course HIRE GALA UNLIMITED, we don't want Michael Scott to have to tell you the obvious when you don't.