#UnlimitedTuesdays: Halloween in Las Vegas

Sorry we're a day late, still recouping from the weekend.

So every city has their special event or holiday that you just have to attend once in your life; New York for New Years, Chicago for St Patrick's Day, New Orleans for Mardi Gras, the list goes on. We decided to cover Halloween in Las Vegas to bring you tips and recommendations on spending this holiday in the capital of entertainment. We requested some help from one of our favorite local connections Shella Quiatchon, owner of Kaizen Life Group which specializes in hotels, transportation and activities packages within the area to help guide us. 


So it all starts with a flight. JetBlue was offering $31 one-way flights between to Las Vegas from Long Beach, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Ft Lauderdale, and Las Vegas for Halloween day only. We suggest being signed up to a frequent flyer membership, travel agency site, or airline mailing list to get first dibs on great airfare offers as Tuesdays are the best days to book. Make sure to pack the essential travel size shampoo bottles of liquor (our choice: Hennessy Black) since for us the flight was only 35 minutes, just enough time to get the evening started. 


Even if its only 1 night no one likes to stay at a low end hotel, use the money you saved on the flight to get a nicer hotel, for us it was the Palms Place. It comes equipped with a kitchenette, spa hot tub, and a balcony (win!). The room did have a weird smell initially however the staff sent in housekeeping to re-clean, so the customer service was good.


Ok let’s get to the good part, I mean that what we're here for right! Before even considering any nightlife activities, Gala Unlimited prefers and recommends only bottle service. Vegas is not a city to be cheap when it comes to nightlife. Tables can range at a regular club without a big performer from $1k-$1500, but good locations in the club with a live performance will run about $4k-$5k, and prime dance floor locations would be at least $6K-$7k. Yikes. The one thing we've learned and have grown to appreciate from visiting Vegas throughout the years is the luxury and convenience of having your own space while being served, and Halloween is no different. The clubs are quite massive in this city so at any given moment a dance floor can be packed with hundreds of people, basically a sweaty mess. We started the night off with some EDM and chose Omnia, once called Pure Nightclub it accommodates both indoor and outdoor tables on 3 levels totaling over 75k square feet of space! On this particular night Calvin Harris was set to take the stage, however Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Kaskade, and Juicy J were also all performing at nearby clubs so decisions were tough. Shella recommends hopping to different clubs, but make sure to start early! Drais, XS, Light and Hakkasan are some of her favorites. The view, pool area, new layout with LED screens, and upgraded stage that has hosted performances from The Weeknd to name a few all make for a perfect Vegas ambiance at Drais. Hakkasan has the best of both worlds since they have a hip hop room and the main room playing house music.

While entering the club we ran into a cute group of girls from Dallas who were in their 6th year of coming to Vegas for the holiday. It was one of their birthday traditions because "Its very good people watching, everyone gets really into the costumes and is in a good mood, and its just the best to party party party!"- Jennifer from Dallas

Of course you cant leave the club restroom without making a new girlfriend either. We asked a cute girl dressed as Hello Kitty why she decided to come to Vegas for Halloween and she states "Miami is is a lot of fun but Vegas just knows how to do it!' -Miyoko from Miami. 


Halloween is a time to get freakishly scary, or as they say in the movie Mean Girls “the one night of the year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no one could say anything about it”. We always promote women to carry themselves with dignity and class, but if there’s one night when you’ve been working hard on that body and want a reason to show it, Halloween’s that night. People go all out on costumes because there are tons of contests all week. Shella has seen everything from girls and even guys in just body paint, to life-size transformers that actually transformed into cars, a 12 foot Hulk, and a life-size TED stuffed animal. It’s definitely about getting creative.  

To sum up our experience, definitely get in contact with the right travel and concierge services that you can TRUST! Don’t fall for the hustlers on the strip. Make sure you get really festive with the outfits, and bring your friends who's income match their party abilities.